Andresen's Tomasina

ARI#    D.O.B    Due:

Huacaya, Female, Pregnant / WH

Sire: NWA Romeo

Dam: PPPeruvian Tombe                   

Service Sire: Andresen's Rogue/ ARI#32046151 /WH



Rockford's Legend Arianna

ARI#32643572  D.O.B. 6/20/12  Due: 4/19/15

Huacaya, Female, Pregnant / Beige, Lt. Fawn 

Sire: Snowmass Snow Legend / ARI#828792 / WH
Dam: Rockford Melodic Aria / ARI#31864619/ Beige

Service Sire: Silver Spoon Viola/ ARI#31838245/MRG

Arianna is incredible.  She is sired by award-winning Snowmass Snow Legend, who's first shearing showed 14.4 microns, and who's fleece has maintained it's fineness (20.8 microns at at age 9).  Her grandsire is also a Snowmass male- Snowmass Reminiscence who has almost impenetrably dense fleece. 

2013 16.1  3.6  22.4  0.9

Rockford Harmony's Love Song

ARI#32097498  D.O.B 8/11/08  Due: 4/19/15

Huacaya/ Female / Pregnant / White

Sire: Snowmass Snow Legend/ ARI#828792/WH

Dam: Rockford Hemingway's Ruth / ARI#1421231/TB

Service Sire: Snowmass Reminiscence

Love Song has inherited her parents fantastic fiber, with lots of crimp, luster, and density.  With her dam being true black, this girl with the proper breeding could throw practically any color, including silver, grey, and black.  And look at her fiber statistics - lingering finensess!

2013 21.1 4.9 23.4 2.5

2012 19.4 4.5 23.2 2.4

2011 20.2 5.5 27.3 4.7

2010 21.2 4.6 21.8 4

2009 21.9 4.4 20.1 4.3

Rockford Diomedies' Crown Jewel

ARI#31808545  D.O.B 6/11/12  Due: 6/10/15

Huacaya, Female, Bred, White, Beige

Sire: Accoyo America Diomedes/ ARI#1201215/ WH
Dam: Rockford Hemingway's Naomi/ ARI#1421200/ LF MF

Service Sire: Snowmass Snow Legend/ ARI#828792/ WH

Jewel is aptly named, she has pervasive fineness and elite genetics!  Her fleece is very bright with tight crimp.  She has dense bundles of low micron, low amplitude, high frequency crimp with long staple length.

Jewel was sired by Accoyo America Diomedes, who has been shown multiple times and won multiple times, and placed 2nd in the AOBA National show in 2006.  The fleece judge for 2008 Alpacapalooza, Cheryl Gehly, awarded him 20 OUT OF 20 FOR FINENESS AND HANDLE, 9.5 OUT OF 10 FOR CHARACTER AND 5 OUT OF 5 FOR DENSITY.

2013 16.1 3.6 22.4 .9

Rockford Sky of Hope

ARI#31864657  D.O.B. 6/16/09  Due Date: 9/11/14

Huacaya, Female, Bred, Proven, White

Sire: Snowmass Reminiscence/ ARI# 850358/ WH

Dam: Whirlwind's Faline/ ARI#824891/ Beige LF MF DF LB

Service Sire: Silver Spoon Viola/ ARI#31838245/ MRG

Sky is the proud daughter of Whirlwind's Faline, who's micron count at the age of six was 21.6, and Snowmass Reminiscence, who has almost impenetrably dense fleece and a champion ancestry line from Snowmaster, Snowmass Edelweis, Snowmass Legacy Gold, and Snowmass Andean Bronze.

She has definitely inherited her parents exceptional fleece characteristics!  She is halter trained, a pleasure to work with, and births easily.

2013 19.8 4.7 23.9 2.9

2012 19.9 4.6 23.3 2.3

2011 19.8 4.7 23.8 2.7

2101 19.2 4.3 22.3 1.7