Horse Mountain's Solace 

ARI#32118858   D.O.B 5/3/2011  Due: 2/5/15

Huacaya, Female, Pregnant / Medium Fawn

Sire: TGF Drifter / ARI#30825529/ MF
Dam: FMA Greybeard's Ballentyne / ARI#30601802 /LF                                                          Service Sire: Treasure Valley's DiSarronno / ARI#31108348/ BB

Her pictures don't do this gorgeous girl justice, she is a rich, buttery golden color!  It is impossible not to stare she is so delicious looking.  Solace is super dense with a long staple length (6.8 lb. shearing weight - not counting legs or head).  Solace has great genetics that include Snowmass Legacy Gold, Peruvian Caligula, Peruvian Victor, and 8x Dark Silver Grey Champion - Greybeard. 

2012 16.9 4.5 26.6 2.0     2013 21.3 5.6 26.2 6.3


Incredible dense, golden fleece!              $1,100.00

Perceived Perspicacity (Cassidy)

ARI#32351668  D.O.B. 7/31/13  Due: 7/23/15

Huacaya, Female, Pregnant / White 

Sire: Heritage P Nautilus RenassanceXXX / ARI#31597333 / WH
Dam: Sunset Hills Champagne Gold / ARI#30675957 / WH

Service Sire: Gem State's Bolero

Perspicacity is cute as a button!  She has lovely bright fleece that is super soft.  As you can see she is completely wool blind.

She has a great phenotype and amazing lineage, and it shows!  This girl has it all, exceptional fleece, perfect confirmation, looks, and a sweet disposition.

With her elite genetics, we are very excited to see what her breeding to Bolero will produce!

2014 20.1  3.7  18.4  0.8




A complete top quality package!          $2,000.00     

Rockford Artic Ruby

ARI#32097498  D.O.B 8/11/12  Due: 9/1/14

Huacaya/ Female / Pregnant / White

Sire: Snowmass Snow Legend/ ARI#828792/WH

Dam: Rockford Hemingway's Ruth / ARI#1421231/WH

Service Sire: Snowmass Reminiscence/ ARI#850358

Ruby has remarkable fleece!  Her fleece shows pervasive fineness, incredible definition, and dense bundles of bright, low micron, low amplitude, high frequency, tight crimp with long staple length.

Not only is her fleece exquisite, her confirmation is too!  She shines with her Grandsire Hemingway's genetics, with her "Hemingway head", lovely topknot, and perfect spear-shaped ears.

Her sire, award winning Snowmass Snow Legend, had a 14.4 micron fleece at first shearing.  And his fleece has a lingering fineness, still at 20.8 at 9 years of age.  He has passed this on to his cria.

2013 15.3 2.9 18.9 .4

2012 16.6 3.9 23.3 1.1

Style and extreme fineness!                $2,000.00

Rockford Artic Mist

ARI#31753104  D.O.B 4/2/11  Due:7/21/15

Huacaya, Female, Bred, White, Light Fawn

Sire: Snowmass Snow Legend/ ARI#828792/ WH

Dam: Whirlwind's Faline/ ARI#824891/Beige LF MF DF LB

Service Sire: Gem State's Bolero/ ARI#32125467

Misty has gorgeous fleece, a beautiful face, and a curious and sweet disposition. 

Misty's dam, Whirlwind's Faline, had an outstanding  micron count of 21.6 at 6 years old!  Faline also has wonderful density and luster, inherited from her sire - well known champion Wooded Hills Winston.

Her sire, award winning Accoyo Snowmass Snow Legend, is one of the finest studs in the nation, had a cashmere-like fleece of 14.4 microns in 2004.  He has retained his fineness, still at 20.8 microns at 9 years of age.  He represents the greatness of his sire and grandsire, with additional brightness, luster, and highly expressive crimp!

2013 17.2, 3.9, 22.6, 1

2012 17.7, 5, 28.4, 2.7

2011 17.4, 4, 22.9, 1.2


Lingering Fineness!                             $1,200.00

ABA Lady Krystol

ARI#                D.O.B                           Due:

Huacaya, Female, Bred, White

Sire: Gunner's Mate USN/

Dam: Anresen's Tomasina/ ARI#           /WH

Service Sire: Andresen's Yukon King/ ARI#30374096/ WH

Rockford's Artic Sunrise

ARI# 31172004   D.O.B 12/19/2007    Due:4/1/15

Huacaya, Female, Bred, Light Fawn, Medium Fawn

Sire: Snowmass Snow Legend/ ARI#828792/ WH

Dam: Whirlwind's Faline/ ARI#824891/ Beige,    LF,  DF, LB

Service Sire:  Silver Spoon Viola